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centipede by a drain

Many varieties of centipedes have differences in the way they look, but most people can recognize them by their numerous legs. Simply, centipedes generally look like a worm with legs sticking out everywhere. Centipedes in Virginia can range from a dark reddish-brown to a brightly striped yellow, and have hard- or soft-looking bodies. The recognizable shape and leg count remains similar throughout the variety of species.


The most common centipede in Virginia is the house centipede. These centipedes are yellow-grey with dark stripes running the length of their back. They have long antennae on both the front and back of their body, and powerful, tapering legs practically everywhere else. These bugs are fast and nocturnal.


While some centipedes' bites (or even bodies) can cause pain, swelling, and itching, the house centipede is less toxic than many other centipede species. Fortunately, they prefer not to attack and like to be left alone.

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