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Yard Pest Control

Why Yard Pest Control is Important

Unmanaged insect populations can have far-reaching negative impacts on our planet. Yard pest control can help manage insect populations in the environment around your home. Our pest control solutions provide protection from problems such as insect-borne diseases. Although sometimes referred to as "mosquito control", our yard control provides protection from far more than just mosquitos.  Other harmful pests, such as ticks and spiders, which can be dangerous or even fatal to humans or pets, will also be reduced or eliminated with our treatments.


In addition to being able to more fully enjoy your home's outdoor environment, our customers support a balanced environment by using our eco-friendly service to minimize harmful insects located outside on their property. As with all types of pest control measures, consistent treatments are critical to successful outdoor pest control. We are able to accomplish quality control with monthly treatments during the portions of the year that bugs become a yard nuisance.  In Virginia, that usually encompasses March through October.

Each treatment is only $59, with no contract required.

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