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How to Choose a Pest Control Specialist

Choosing someone to help you protect your home and family from unwanted, and sometimes dangerous, pests can be difficult.

pest control technician spraying a home

Your family, pets, and home are important and deserve the best care you can find. When it comes to choosing a pest control professional, there are many options and it can be hard to know how to select the best fit.

Below you'll find some tips and considerations for selecting the right pest specialist for you.

Make Sure The Company is Licensed

Each pest control company must have certifications and licensure to operate legally and safely. Pest control chemicals can be highly dangerous if not applied in proper manner and appropriate quantities. It's extremely important that all technicians have the correct, up-to-date licensure.

You can verify this with the State Department of Agriculture.

Look for Quality

You aren't going to be happy with a service that doesn't work. You need to make sure that the company you go with for your pest control provides good quality results. This includes using the best products available, thorough application, and care for your home, family, and pets.

Additionally, you should be able to receive professional, quality customer service. This applies both to the initial contact, any additional conversations with schedulers, and any interactions with the technician who comes to your property.

Look for Value

More expensive does not always mean better. Don't overpay!

Do your research and get quotes from a few different places. Most companies will provide free estimates- or may even just list their prices in full transparency on their websites.

Be aware that some companies will quote a monthly rate, while others will give you a price per treatment. This can sometimes cause confusion on the part of the homeowner and potentially lead to paying much more for service than you anticipated. If you're only receiving treatments every three months, the price will be much higher per treatment. Make sure you understand the cost.

Do Your Homework

Take time to find the right company. Check credentials, ask questions, get quotes. If you've just discovered a problem, it may feel like you need to just go with the first person on the list, but most problems can wait a few days. You have enough time to make a good decision without rushing into a bad one.

Many pest control companies will lock you in to a contract, making it even more difficult or expensive to make a change if you discover that you haven't found the best fit for your home. Be certain you know what you're getting in to!


Make sure you communicate about your specific problems. If you have a specific concern, like a certain portion of the yard that seems to breed mosquitoes, tell your company about it when setting up service. You and your pest control company need to be partners in the protection of your home and family. If the company is dismissive of your concerns, or unreliable in communication, it's not going to be a good partnership for you.

We're always here to help! Call us today - we offer no-contract transparent pricing and the best control at the best value.

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