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Roach or Roach Look-Alike?

In the greater Richmond area, whether you live in the middle of the city, out in the country, or somewhere in between, you may find yourself battling what seems like a roach problem. No one ever wants to find a roach lurking in the cabinet or skittering away when you flip on a light. But did you know there are several other bugs that reside in our area that are often mistaken for cockroaches?

The Furniture Beetle, and closely related Old House Borer Beetle and Powderpost Beetle, can be mistaken for roaches due to their similar look. There are specific differences to tell them apart. Most beetles have a rounder, thicker body, while the roach has a flatter, more oval shape. While many beetles also have lines or ridges running down their back, roaches are smooth and have an almost armor-style helmet around their head.

Roach vs Beetle

Although it may be a relief to determine that you've got a beetle and not a roach, it's important to note that these beetles can actually be extremely destructive. In fact, with the exception of termites, these wood boring beetle families can cause more damage to the wood of your home than any other insect.

Whether it's beetles or roaches (or any other unwanted pest!), remember to do your part to keep spills cleaned up, don't leave untreated standing water on the property, make sure to take out the trash regularly and keep your food in sealed containers.

A pest control barrier will help maintain the health of your home, keeping it bug free, and will keep you from finding yourself wondering if that bug you just saw run under the couch was a roach... or a roach look-alike.

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